Who is on the Board?

Currently the board consists of the following members:

President: Marlene Scully
Secretary: Bonnie Boyer
Treasurer: Jo Baker
Member at Large: Dani Monroe

What does the Board do?

The Board represents the owners and residents of The Oak Grove Condominiums in all business dealings related to the running of the Community. The Board sets each year's budget, and approves expenditures for landscaping, utilities and maintenance for common areas, and business management services for the community. The Board also enforces the Bylaws that govern the characteristics of the Oak Grove Condominiums community.

The Board meets quarterly to discuss pressing issues. Owners are encouraged to attend the meetings to get a feel for how the community is run. The Board also hosts an annual meeting for the owners, at which important general decision-making and information is conducted.

The Board does not handle the day-to-day business of the community, such as billing owners for HOA Fees, paying bills, and so on. This is handled by Hub City Management and they can be reached at (541) 259 1284