Who is managing Oak Grove Condominiums Comunity?

The management company hired to manage day-to-day business activities is Hub City Management They specialize in managing Home Owner Associations in Albany-Corvallis-Lebanon area.

What does Hub City Management do?

Hub City Management are the "office managers" for Oak Grove Condominiums. They collect HOA dues, monitor delinquent bills, and ensure that the HOA's bank account is balanced.

Where should I send the HOA Dues?

Make checks payable to 'Oak Grove Condominiums'

The HOA dues should be mailed to:

Hub City Management
PO Box 733
Albany OR, 97321

When should I contact Hub City Management?

Hub City Management is your primary point of contact for day-to-day questions about Oak Grove Condominiums... that is, those questions you can't get answered on this web site! Common reasons are:
Billing questions about HOA dues.
Mailing address changes for owners.
Notifications of occupancy changes (change of renters, etc.).
Problems in common areas.

How do I contact Hub City Management?

You can reach Hub City Management in any of the following ways:
By telephone: (541) 259 1284.
By e-mail:
By post: Hub City Management, Oak Grove Condominiums, PO Box 733, Albany OR, 97321